.Hasti Daroo Darman Co

With the aim of serving the pharmaceutical distribution industry, Hasti daroo Darman Company has seen many ups and downs

Hasti Daroo Darman company is one of the subsets of Yaghoot Pharma holding


Yaghoot Salamat distribution company,

As one of the affiliated companies of Yaghoot Rooyan holding, is an active distributor of human medication, dietary and pharmaceutical supplement, cosmetics all around the country.

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International Yaghoot Pharma company,

with more than 30 subbranches and with the aim of distributing cosmetic products and pharmaceutical supplements in order to meet the needs of the country was founded in 1371.

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Critics and Suggestions,

Your valuable comments, suggestions and feedback in every part of Hasti daroo activities will help us to identify strengths and weakness of our products and services. It is worth to mention that any suggestion or criticism regarding the performance of employees, will be Investigated by senior managers and CEO in order to be considered in the micro and macro decisions.

Product (approval) authentication,                                                                             

All products of Hasti Daroo Darman distribution company, have the authenticity code label of the food and drug Administration.


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Hasti Daroo Darman CEO

In the name of God,

Hasti Daroo Darman company is one of the subsets of international Yaghoot Pharma companies based on the aim of promotion in medication import and distribution. This company continues its activities in order to serve the dear Islamic Iranian compatriots.

The aim of the company is to satisfy our dear compatriots and improve health on the one hand, and creating job opportunities for young and motivated people of Iran on the other. Despite all ups and downs, by support of divine grace and also by the cooperation of experienced and committed staff Hasti Daroo Darman company is moving in the path of development and excellence in all areas. Nowadays, the global economic downturn and the relative stagnation of domestic and foreign markets is clear to everyone, however, Hasti Daroo Darman company policy has always been to gain success and satisfaction of consumer. So our colleagues are useing the experience to take steps towards growing success.

In the years ahead, Hasti Daroo Darman company hopes to observe growth, development and increasing success in serving customers.

 Yaghoot Pharma company's major conference

International Yaghoot Pharma group was founded in 1371 with the aim of importation of plant origin and high quality dietary supplement, medication, medical Equipment and cosmetics in order to care for and maintain overall health and beauty of skin and hair. The group with the exclusive representative of the world's top 25 producers in Europe and America, has released unique products under various brand names in order to response to the needs of the community. Moreover, with the aim to impart production technology to Iran, Yaghoot Pharma group takes steps toward national independence in production. Nowadays, supplements and cosmetics of international Yaghoot Pharma group, is approved by specialists and scientific meetings at national and international level in the world based on their superior quality and performance.

Presenting numerous scientific papers and close cooperation with experts and scholars Inside and outside the country, in order to promote and support research activities, can be mentioned as the achievements of the international Yaghoot Pharma group. The company also has a significant and growing cross-border activities.

central office:

 No. 25, 6 St., 14 St,

khaled slamboli (vozara) Ave, Tehran, Iran

phone (90 lines) : 0098(21) 2774

Fax: 0098(21)-2774 - 6